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What Brides Want From Miami Wedding Photographers

Welcome to White House Wedding Photography website. We hope that you will take some time to browse our pages and find what you are looking for in a wedding photographer. White House Wedding Photography is a photography company specializing in providing wedding photography coverage to brides throughout South Florida. Our Miami Wedding Photographers are the best at what they do and we would invite you to call us at 305-714-1950 to learn how we are different from the other photographers.

Over the years, we have learned a thing or two about what brides want from their Miami wedding photographers. We have learned that brides want:

  1. A meaningful relationship with their wedding photographers – they want to have a photographer that they can talk to, a photographer that will understand what they like and dislike, a photographer that will be there for them on their wedding day. Brides want photographers that are professional and are reliable – someone who will be on time for their big day. We hear you and we understand you. That is why we train our Miami wedding photographers to be totally committed to making our brides happy. In fact, we pay our photographers on a merit base system. The happier you are with your Miami wedding photographers the more we’ll pay that photographer.
  2. Good communication from their Miami wedding photographers – according to an article we read on Bride Box Pro Blog, title “50 Brides reveal What Their Photographer Could Have Done Better”, we garnered that quite a few of those brides were not Bride And Groom | Miami Wedding Photographershappy with the communications they received from their photographers. Phrases such as communicate more, take my advice, listen to me are just some of the comments made by these unanimous brides. The truth is a wedding is a big event with lots of moving parts and often times the bride herself is not fully aware of how the day is schedule. It is the wedding photographer’s responsibility to have a real sit-down conversation with the bride to figure out what the day will look like. It is also the wedding photographer’s responsibility to ensure that the bride or the wedding planner know exactly what the photographers will be doing. That is why we are adamant about meeting with our brides and grooms as soon as possible because we want to sit down with them and have a conversation about their wedding. We ask a lot of questions and we listen and then we create a plan to ensure that we covered all the big moments and everything in between. We advise and we communicate every little thing to our brides regardless of how insignificant it may seem.
  3. You want professional Miami wedding photographers – with the advances in the consumer camera everyone is a photographer – or so they think. However, being a professional requires much more than just taking pictures. For some reason, it seems like in the Miami and south Florida area most photography studios are not available to brides on Mondays. However, here at White House Wedding Photography, we pride ourselves with being available to you couples. We are always available to take your call and answer your questions/emails six days a week from Monday to Saturday 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Furthermore, we deliver on all our promises to you. If we say your photos will be ready in 2 weeks, guess what? They will be ready, that is what being a professional is about.
  4. Brides want experienced Miami wedding photographers – we understand how important this is to our brides. Throughout the wedding day, our Miami wedding photographers will be faced with many challenges from lighting to composition. Photographers must be experienced enough to know how to solve these complex challenges. Lucky for us, our commercial background has given us a lot of experiences in many different genres of photography. Whether it is natural lighting, editorial for magazines, conceptual, photojournalism or fine art, we have the experience and we train all our photographers in the different genres.  We have been published in magazines and blogs around the world.
  5. Plenty of beautiful photographs – this can be a very tricky one because beauty is often times defined by the viewer. There are countless times where we photograph a wedding and we are oohing and goggling over certain photographs but when the brides see the photos, the photos that make them giggle with excitement weren’t even on our radar.  This means that the brides taste can be very different from the creative mind. This is why we have implemented a system where brides can choose what type of finish they would like to have on their photos. For example, warm or cool pallet, black and white, etc.…
  6. You want to try it before you buy – this makes perfect sense to us and we totally agree with you. Yes, you should be able to try out your Miami wedding photographers before you commit to booking with them. You get to try the dress before you buy it, you get samples of the food before you commit to the caterer, so why shouldn’t you get a sample of what it is like to work with your Miami wedding photographers before you commit. Our 100% guarantee will allow you to do just that. You book an engagement shoot with one of our Miami wedding photographers and get to experience what your wedding day photography services will be like.  It is completely free; you don’t have to pay White House Wedding Photography a dime. If you like what you receive then just book us for your wedding – it is that simple.
  7. Reasonable Pricing – in today’s market brides have lots of choices to choose from. However, it appears that just about every Bride and Groom | Miami Wedding Photographersstudio we know is competing on selling hours to brides. Packages are built with a lot of fluff and products that brides can personally purchase for a fraction of the cost. When you get a package with an album, that album is marked up many times to create profits for the studios. We don’t do albums because you can get a good quality album for a fraction of what we could sell it to you for. What we offer are three packages with unlimited time. The difference within the packages are based on how many of our Miami wedding photographers will be covering your wedding and whether or not you want videographer services.

In Summary Miami brides want:

  1. A meaningful relationship with their Miami wedding photographers
  2. They want good communications from their photographers
  3. Brides want professional Miami wedding photographers
  4. Experienced photographers
  5. Lots of beautiful photos to share with friends and family
  6. To test drive their photographers before committing to hiring
  7. Last but not least, brides want reasonable pricing