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We are the only Photography & Videography Company that lets you try us before you hire us! Hire first before you get to really see how they will work with you (it’s like buying your wedding dress before trying it on).

Variety of coverage options so that your day goes according to your plan – not the photographer’s plan

4 – 6 hours of photography coverage –  your night goes according to the photographer’s schedule.
2 Weeks turn-around time – High-resolution digital files and unlimited print rights to all your photos 3-6 month turn around time – You received low or medium resolution files or you pay extra for the high-resolution files – Limited print rights – if you want prints you have to order prints through the photographer
Award-winning team of photographers & videographers Relying on 1 person photography team, and hoping they don’t get sick
Affordable pricing (30% less than most competitors) $3,000-$5,000 average pricing (based on other award-winning photographers & videographers)
Open 9 – 6 Monday – Saturday & Evenings for appointments Unreachable wedding companies, closed on Mondays and unavailable to take your call during the day

There are a lot of differences between the best Miami wedding photographers & videographers from White House Wedding Photography Company and individuals and part-time photographers and videographers. As a successful photography and videography company, we know what it takes to capture your special day. Through many years of trial and error, we have perfected our system and differentiated our services in order to deliver award-winning services to all our brides. Please feel free to talk to us whenever you are ready by calling us at 305-714-1950.

The Difference of The Best Miami Wedding Photographers

  1. Brides get a meaningful connection with the best Miami wedding photographers and or videographersBride and groom photo session | Best Miami wedding photographers
  2. Brides can test us before they make a commitment
  3. You get unlimited photo coverage
  4. Liability and Errors And Omission Insurance
  5. Creative Planner
  6. Our photographers and videographers dress to work for you
  7. We have an exceptionally fast turn-around time
  8. You get enhanced high-resolution files with unlimited print rights
  9. We have references that you can call

Meaningful Connections With The Best Miami Wedding Photographers

Finding quality photographers and videographers to capture your momentous day can become quite a challenge but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here at White House Wedding Photography & videography, the company that brings you the best Miami wedding photographers and videographers, we know that brides are looking for a meaningful connection with their photographers and videographers. Let’s face it, more often than not; your photographer and videographer will be with you and your guests for the entire duration of your wedding. Would you want to have a pompous, know it all, prima donna hanging around you and your guests all day? We don’t think so. That is why we use our try us before you hire us photo session as an opportunity for you to get to know us and for us to get to know you and the best part is it will cost you zilch, nada, nothing, not one penny. Do you know of any photography company that will make you such an offer?

Our 100% Guarantee To You – Test Us Before You Commit To Our Services

The way we see it here at White House Wedding Photography is that you shouldn’t have to pay for anything before you have an opportunity to get a sample. Would you buy your wedding dress before trying it on? Your caterer gives you a sampling of the menu before you commit right? So why in the world should your photographers be any different? After all, your wedding photography is the most important thing of your wedding because when the food is all gone and the dress doesn’t fit anymore, your photographs will be all that you will have left. We don’t know of any other wedding photography company that let you try them out first before you book with them. That is why you should contact us and take our best Miami wedding photographers and videographers for a spin.

Most photography companies or individual photographer will include the engagement shoot in the package, meaning that you have to buy the package before you can do a shoot with them. With White House Wedding Photography you book an engagement shoot
(a $500.00 value) with us free of cost and if you like the way our best Miami wedding photographers work then you book us but if you don’t like the way our best Miami wedding photographers work for whatever reason you just move on to finding a photography company that you like. That is our 100% guarantee to you.

Unlimited Photo Coverage in All Our Packages

So what do we mean by unlimited photo coverage in all our packages? Well, we have struggled with the issue of selling hours to brides and we have finally decided that brides should not be deprived of having the best Miami wedding photographers capturing their entire wedding. You are going to spend a lot of time and money planning your wedding only to be told that you can only afford to hire a photographer for four hours. What part of your romantic day will you have the photographer cover? Will you have to forego the getting ready moments or how about the first dance? Yikes! This really hurts just writing about it. Look we’ll make it real simple for you – once you book with us you will never have to worry about complete photo coverage. We will have our best Miami wedding photographers show up an hour early and they will remain at your event until they have covered everything and you are completely satisfied. Do you know of any other wedding photography company that offers such a deal?

Liability and Errors And Omission Insurance

Now, don’t get us wrong, there are a lot of things that your photographer should have in place to help provide you with the best possible services. Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event and to put your trust in an individual who is freelancing on the weekends because they own a consumer camera is simply ridiculous. What if that individual gets sick? What if they drop their consumer camera on one of your guest’s head? What if their consumer camera breaks? And what if the sky falls? “LOL,” No, but seriously, though, these are just some of the risks you are taking on by trusting your momentous day to fly by night individuals. Here at White House Wedding Photography, we carry liability insurance to cover all of our best Miami wedding photographers. We also carry errors and omission insurance which protect you against a total loss of investment should the photography files get corrupted or damaged and leave us with nothing to turn over to you. Furthermore, all of our best Miami wedding photographers carry backup equipment to ensure a fail-safe plan for your wedding.

Photographer Planner

Wedding Detail Photos | Best Miami wedding PhotographersOver the years, we have learned that in order to effectively cover your wedding day we have to have a plan. Your wedding day will be filled with activities and lots of moving parts. This is not an event for photographers to trust to memory. That is why we take the time to sit down with the bride and groom and plan out their wedding day. We want to know the who, the what, the when and where because we don’t want to miss the shot of uncle Bob doing his thing. Our Photographer Planner will create a shot list for our best Miami wedding photographers to use as a guide and to ensure that all the important shots are created. You will also have the opportunity to choose the finishing style that you would like to have applied to your images. Can you imagine that? You get to say what your final photographs should look like. We don’t know of too many photography companies that will do this for their brides.

Our Best Miami Wedding Photographers Dress To Work For You

Ok! This one is our company founder’s pet peeve. We have seen and have heard from so many photographers who believe that photographing a wedding means dressing up in their best business suit and act like they are modelling at a fashion show. We have heard of brides that cringed at hearing that the photographers will be dressed in all black but let’s think about it. Your photographer is there at your service. It is the photographers’ responsibility to do whatever is legal and safe to create that photo. This means laying down on the ground, climbing up on a wall scurrying from one side of the church to the other, and at the same time maintain their composure. It is very impractical for photographers to perform efficiently when they dress to blend in with your guest. Our best Miami wedding photographers are not your guests. They are at your event to do the best job possible for you. They will be smartly dressed in black because they will be doing whatever it takes to get that shot for you. Just like your caterers or your makeup artist who will be dressed appropriately.

Guaranteed Two Weeks Turn Around Time

According to WeddingWire a popular wedding directory website for brides and vendors, the average turn around time for brides to receive their photos from wedding photographers is approximately 30 days or 1 month. We would love to jump up and point fingers and asked what the hell is going on with these photography companies that took so long to deliver your photos but we have been there. We use to take just as long to deliver photos to our brides but we weren’t happy and we work diligently to create a process so that we can guarantee delivery of photos to our brides within 2 weeks. Yes, you read that correctly. By the time you are back from your honeymoon your photos will be ready. Now isn’t that nice?

Furthermore, White House Wedding Photography will deliver to you in a beautiful online gallery all your photos in high resolution, no watermarks, unlimited print rights, and the option to share through a free app that you can download to your smartphone. After all, this is the 21st century, right? So we don’t do CDs and thumb drives but if you want them just let us know and we will add them to your package.

Still not convinced that White House Wedding Photography and our best Miami wedding photographers are for you? Talk to us at 305-714-1950. Let’s put your concerns to rest!

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