Hire Professional Wedding Photographer

Why You Should Hire a Professional Photographer on your Wedding Day

We can all agree that your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. So why in heavens name would you hire an amateur to take your wedding photos? If the wedding cake was a little crooked or the steak was a bit tough, over time your guests will forget about it. However, if your photographs don’t capture the special moments, details and loved ones, you will be reminded every time you look at your wedding photographs. Therefore, you should hire professional wedding photographer and save yourself the heartache.

Recently we were photographing a wedding and a woman came over to me and told me about her wedding this past summer. She quite animatedly relayed the story of decorating a barn with her sisters for days leading up to her wedding day and on her wedding day the photographer did not capture “one” photograph of the barn.  She told me –

I won’t even call my photographer back. I paid the bill and put the album in the drawer.

Your wedding photos are treasured memories of your wedding day, you only get one chance to get it right. There is no going back to reshoot those precious moments. So why trust your special day to a student or a family member who “loves” to take photos?. Make sure you hire professional wedding photographer.

Weddings can be challenging and unpredictable enough, so hire an experience and an established photographer who is responsible and reliable and who have a track record of delivering quality photos to clients. White House Wedding Photography has been in business for over 4 years and has built a reputation for delivering quality images to many happy brides. You can see what some of our happy brides have to say about our work here. We carry professional indemnity insurance which most venues required their vendors to have. As a professional wedding photographer company we used only the best equipment to capture your perfect day. We also carry backup equipment to every wedding. Additionally, we backup up to two different drives after each wedding just to be sure that we don’t lose your precious moments.

Professional wedding photographers use cutting-edge software to edit and retouch your photos so that each image looks flawless. After a wedding, our editing staff will spend hours going through each and every one of your photographs to create a comprehensive, unique and memorable set of photos you will treasure forever.

White House Wedding Photography is known within the industry for our attention to detail. Having our team on board at your wedding will ensure that every aspect of your wedding day is captured. We are dedicated to capturing the moments of your wedding you didn’t even know were taking place. The tear in your father’s eye when he sees you in your wedding dress, the look on the grooms face as you walk down the aisle and the joyous laughter as the best man gives his toast and all the special moments of the day.

Hiring a student or amateur is one thing, but many times family members who have an interest in photography will want to photograph your wedding. This can be a disaster as they are there to photograph your wedding and be a guest, how does that work? What happens after your relative has enjoyed a few drinks and puts the camera down and forgets where they left it – now that could get interesting….

Your wedding day will come and go and the only things that will last forever are your memories and the photos taken by your professional wedding photographer. Be thankful you did not cut corners by hiring a student or an amateur, trust us, you will thank us!

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