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Who is White House Wedding Photography?

Bride | Wedding Photographers in MiamiHello and thank you for taking the time to learn about our company, we are so glad you ask that question. A husband and wife team, who was looking for quality photographs of their wedding but didn’t want to break the bank to pay for it, founded White House Wedding Photography. They believe that most brides should be able to have access to affordable wedding photography coverage without sacrificing quality. Out of that belief, White House Wedding Photography was created to give brides an ultimate service experience with quality photographs at an affordable price. Our company hires only the best wedding photographers in Miami to serve our brides. All our photographers are professionally trained and they are passionate about creating beautiful images.


Brandon Surprise Proposal to Morgan on The Rich Kids of BeverlyWhite House Wedding Photography has been around for over 4 years and has recently moved from Los Angeles to Miami. Our wedding photographers in Miami provides wedding photography services in Fort Lauderdale, Coral Gables, Miami Beach, Key West, West Palm Beach, and the entire South Florida. We are also available for travel. The company has been featured in some of the nation’s top magazines and blogs such as Bridal Beauty Magazine and Style Me Pretty Wedding Blog. White House Wedding Photographers in Miami were the ones who captured the reality TV star Brendon’s surprised proposal to Morgan for the Rich Kid of Beverly Hills reality TV show season 3on the E! channel.

We love to share our accomplishments but what really excites us is seeing the genuine commitment by all our talented wedding photographers in Miami. Our wedding photographers in Miami know the love and passion that couples share on their wedding day and they are eager and committed to capturing your perfect day for future generations to see. They will capture every fleeting moment from his gentle touch to your teary eyes, the laughter and cheers, the sweet smell of the flowers, the sparkle of the rings and the joyous smiles of your loved ones who are there celebrating your special day.

White House Wedding Photography Company’s Philosophy

White House Wedding Photography Philosophy is to give every bride an opportunity to have an amazing photography team that will provide impeccable wedding photography services at a really affordable price. The following experiences and ideas are the foundations of our philosophy.

  1. Brides don’t want limited hours of photography coverage; they want photography coverage for their entire wedding day. To fulfill this bridal requirement we have implemented unlimited time in every package. The difference in our packages is “not” how many hours you can afford but how many wedding photographers in Miami do you want to capture your special day.
  2. Earlier on in our company history, our packages were sold with the concept of booking the bride first and then we would do an engagement shoot base on the size of the package the bride chose. We would talk up the engagement shoot as an opportunity for the bride to get to know us and for us to get to know them. So in reality, what we were saying to brides is – you give us your money and we will tell you who we are. Yikes! Anyway, today we are sleeping better because brides can do an engagement shoot with our wedding photographers in Miami before they ever commit to our services. They can try us before they buy.
  3. Over the years, we have learned some valuable lessons about customer service. As a young company, we were heavily invested in creating beautiful images but we didn’t really have a quality service process to create and deliver those beautiful images to our brides. As a result we had long turned around times for brides to receive their photographs. Today, we have implemented a 2-week turn-around time so that brides can have their photographs by the time they return from their honeymoon and we have also implemented a merit base pay system for all our wedding photographers in Miami. Overall we have built many checks and balances throughout our processes, which significantly allow us to consistently deliver on our promises to our brides and grooms.

Our 100% Guarantee to Brides

Try our wedding photographers in Miami before you booked us to capture your perfect day – how this works is that you schedule an engagement session with our super creative wedding photographers in Miami before you make your down payment and if our wedding photographers in Miami fail to wow and dazzle you with awesomeness, then you don’t have to hire us to capture your perfect day. You just say thanks but no thanks and go on your merry way. It will not cost you a dime. You will get to know us a little better, and have a better feel for how we work. If you absolutely enjoy your engagement session and are just brimming with excitement about our service then all you have to do is hire us and then go tell your friends and everybody else in the whole wide world how lucky you are to have found White House Wedding Photography. That is our 100% guarantee to you. So what are you waiting for? Go give us a call at 305-7141950!

White House Wedding Photography Team

White House Wedding Photography Team | Wedding Photography in MiamiIn order for our wedding photographers in Miami to create beautiful photographs for our South Florida brides, we have assembled a dream team of professionals to handle all the different aspects of producing an exceptional wedding photography experience. Here is the team that brings you award winning photography with amazing services.

  • Our talented and Super Engaging Photographers – All our wedding photographers in Miami are recruited and specially trained to meet the White House Wedding Photography Standards. They are highly energetic individuals with a passion for creating wedding photography. We are exceedingly gratefully for their magic and inspirational touch.
  • Highly Organized And Detail Oriented Editors – These are our behind the scene magicians. Do you remember back in the days of film, when you had to take your film to get it developed? Well, our Editors are like the lab technicians that used to work in the dark room to develop those films so you could have beautiful photo prints. Our editors are responsible for taking the raw images created by our wedding photographers in Miami and color correcting, cropping, retouching, and fine tuning them to make them into beautiful photos that cause our brides to cry when they see them.
  • Our Hard Working Awesome Production Staff  – Our Production Staff are responsible for assisting and helping to plan the wedding day’s event. They make sure that all the required equipment is tested and ready to go on the day of the event. After post-production, they are responsible for album designs and print orders.
  • Fun Loving & Informative Customer Service Representatives – White House Wedding Photography Customer Service Team are the best. When it comes to making you feel comfortable our customer service reps are second to none. They treat all customers like they should be treated, with very warm and courteous responses. When you call our office you will get the celebrity treatment, you will never feel like you are just a number and you will never feel like you are bothering us.

Our Wedding Photography Prices

Hiring a wedding photographer in today’s market can be a daunting task, with prices ranging from the low $500.00 into the $15,000.00Wedding Table Settings | Wedding Photographers in Miami dollar range. How can you decide which photographer is right for you? Before you decide on a price point we would recommend that you first identify what is most important to you because based on what we have learned over the years, brides are looking for photo coverage of their entire wedding day, which is why we offer unlimited time in all our packages. Our basic package starts at $2,500.00 and includes unlimited time and 1 photographer from our wedding photographers in Miami dream team. All of our packages include the following:

  1. Enhanced High-Resolution Images – all photos created at your wedding by our wedding photographers in Miami go through a vigorous process of editing to eliminate the spoils, enhanced color correction, and some retouching to ensure that they are the best they can possibly be.
  2. Print Rights – you will receive a print rights release from us, which will give you unlimited print permission for you and your family. We promise to never hold your photos hostage; you can print until pigs fly…
  3. Modern online Gallery – all high resolution enhanced photos will be loaded onto a private web gallery for you to view and share with whomever you please. From this gallery you can:
    1. download the entire collection
    2. you can share the password protected link with your family and friends,
    3. you can post individual photos from your gallery to your social sites
    4. you can create a list of favorites
    5. and you can order prints and albums directly from your gallery

Because of our super awesome incredible services and the beautiful photographs created by our creative wedding photographers in Miami, we book up really fast. So you should hurry up and give us a call to see if we have your date available. It is our mission to capture your perfect day. Call us now at 305-7141950!