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Photo By: Tadeo Tebandeke

Hi lovelies!

I am Antonio the principal photographer and founder of White House Wedding Photography here in Miami Florida.

Before we go any further here are a few things you should know about me:

  • My wife is my rock and the wind beneath my wings
  • I am sincerely honest and loyal to everyone
  • I am a smartphone, social media, application junkie
  • I believe in treating people the way I would like to be treated with love and equality
  • My word is my bond …. What you see is what you get
  • I am not a morning person – don’t call me before 10 am unless Miami is on fire!
  • I love making curry chicken wings
  • Military service members are near and dear to me
  • My favorite thing to do is create images – I can spend an entire day just creating images
  • I can’t sing to save my life but I am an average runner
  • Next to creating images I love to travel and see new places and cultures
  • I believe that everyone is just like me until they prove otherwise

You could boil me down to these 5 words!

Word Cloud of Miami Wedding Photographer

Now, How Did I Get Started….?

I was born and raised in the mountains of beautiful Jamaica…. Yardie in a di house! In the late eighties, I migrated to the United States of America where I landed in Miami and 16 months later I was off to serve my new country in the Navy.

Fast forward 20 years later I retired from the Navy with 20 years of honorable service and started my second career as a Real Estate Agent in Southern California. Three weeks into my real estate career, I decided to go back to school for something fun and easy. I already have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science and I didn’t want to take on anything even slightly as challenging, so I opted for a Bachelor of Fine Art in Photography. Photography just seemed like it would be the most fun and easy thing to study.

On January of 2011, I started school at Brooks Institute of Photography in beautiful Santa Barbara California and my first photography course would prove to be way more challenging than what I had bargained for. However, something interesting was occurring within me. During those very early days of my photography studies, I began to reconnect with many of my childhood memories. As I reflected and pondered on memories of the past, I came to the realization that the picture form was really my true one passion.

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved art especially in picture form. I was the student that all the other student came to for help in art classes in elementary school and even high school. Outside of school, you could catch me drawing something or coloring something. When it was time for family portraits, my mother would always give the camera to me, as she would tell everyone that I took beautiful pictures. I never dreamed that I would become a professional photographer. However, the first few months at Brooks Institute would awaken my passion and I have never looked back.

Today when people ask me how long I have been creating images, I respond over 5 years but the truth is, I have been creating images all my life. The difference is that I now do it for a living. My life is filled with moments of frames and I am in a permanent state of composing and analyzing frames each day.

In reality, photography is my life and my life is photography…. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Anyone that would get in the water at our beach ceremony to capture that perfect beautiful shot ranks as the best in my opinion

We could not have asked for more attentive and patient, professionals than Antonio and Paula

My Anchor – Paula Crutchley

Paula Crutchley Headshot
Miami Florida – First, let me say how fortunate I am to have met and married the woman who has given me wings to fly. She has been my anchor in life and love.

Paula is responsible for sales and client care. She plays an integral role in our photography consultations and communicating with our couples here in Miami.

Paula Crutchley was born in Manchester, England and she swam across the pond to California to find me Mr. lover man :). She holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master’s degree in Business from California Lutheran University. Paula is a serial entrepreneur who loves to give back to her community. Over the years she has taught an entrepreneurial course for a nonprofit organization where she has seen many of her students launch their own businesses.

However, with all of her accomplishment, I think what you really need to know about her is that she is:

  • Very loyal to her friends, family and business associates
  • She believes in equality for all without regards to race, color or gender
  • She is open, warm and easy to talk to…. Always smiling
  • Very kind and eager to help
  • Committed and dedicated to the tasks at hand
  • Like me, she can’t hold a tune to save her life but she makes some seriously delicious mashed potatoes from scratch (must be an English thing).
  • Can’t dance either
  • First one to get up every morning
  • Thinks PG Tips & Yorkshire Gold (teas) are sacred drinks….
  • Loves traveling and meeting new people and seeing new places and cultures

The bottom line is that she is the perfect person to have on your team when you are planning the most important day of your life.

Here is what your Miami friends have to say about her:

Paula was so accessible for help and referrals; it was like having a wedding coordinator just a call away

Paula is the sweetest and so reassuring
Ashley Thomas

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